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Mr. Irrelevant? More Like Mr. Relevant After NFC Championship Win

Not without controversy, the most recent edition of finalists for Most Valuable Player in the NFL has been released, with 49ers running back Christian McCaffery, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, and Bills quarterback Josh Allen as final contestants for the prestigious honor.

 An elite catalog of players who have all made their claim to the award through stellar performances all season. But for most fans, there seems to be an imposter amongst this crop of finalists. 

That of course, would be Mr. Purdy. The very last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft. Or “Mr. Irrelevant.” Or the “Game Manager”. Or the “System Quarterback.” Who essentially, has been ruled incapable of being placed in the upper echelon of passers in the NFL because of the situation he was brought into in San Francisco.

Whatever you want to call him, you now must call him an NFC champion. Following a 17-point comeback by the 49ers to thwart the Detroit Lions 34-31. Led by an amazing second-half performance from Brock.

The Niners have now punched their ticket to Las Vegas for a Super Bowl 54 rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs. A game in which they simply would not be in right now if it were not for the man under center, both leading up to and during Sunday’s game.

Following one of the most eye-catching rookie campaigns for a quarterback in NFL history, it was inevitable that Purdy turned things up a notch in his sophomore season. Going for almost 4300 yards through the air, with 31 touchdowns to boot. Finishing top 5 in both.

His efforts in games against top teams such as Dallas and Philadelphia allowed for San Fran to clinch top spot in the NFC. Putting up 8 passing touchdowns and no interceptions between those two games. 

Now on the verge of etching his name in history if he wins the Lombardi, there are unnecessary asterisks already being placed on the young quarterback's MVP-level season. None of which are in his control.

It’s no secret the offensive talent pool within this team goes a lot deeper than just Brock Purdy. Brandon Aiyuk is an amazing player. Deebo Samuel is also an amazing player. Christian McCaffery’s resume speaks for itself.

For anyone who believes the 49ers would not be at this point in the season without the above-mentioned players, know that there is substance and validity to that claim. However, the exact same should be said about Purdy. Especially if they win it all.

Of course, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s system brought similar success for Jimmy Garoppolo during his time. But, never at this velocity. They never won a Super Bowl. Imagine a scenario where Purdy had not played the way he did following Jimmy G’s injury.

Imagine all of that talent, with no one to give them the ball. There simply is never enough emphasis placed on how different of a situation the Niners would be in right now had they not gone with a certain quarterback out of Iowa State at number 262 two years ago.

With this final game against the Kansas City Chiefs on the horizon, Brock Purdy has the opportunity to do what Jimmy G and previous Niners quarterbacks in recent history could not. The opportunity to not only solidify himself as a “Game Changer”, but a difference maker.


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