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2024 NFL Draft Top 100 Board 1.0 Explained

1 - Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State, 6'4, 205

If you care enough about the NFL Draft to read this, you get the point with MHJ. Why is he above Caleb despite positional value? One is bust proof and one isn’t. The Hall of Fame pedigree will have a second member in the family by the time he’s done.

2 - Caleb Williams, QB, Southern Cal, 6'1, 215

If Williams’s personality isn’t your cup of tea, that’s your opinion and you’re damn entitled to it. The tape? Freak with All-Pro potential. The head coach pairing is going to be fascinating here. I’d imagine Matt Eberflus and Lincoln Riley don’t have too much in common.

3 - Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame, 6'8, 322  

Alt breaks away from Fashanu with more “ready now” run-blocking ability, punch with his hands, and play strength. His Dad being an All-Pro Tackle doesn’t hurt either. Besides MHJ, Alt is “most likely to be a HOF”. 

4 - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU, 6'4, 210

Don’t be triggered Daniels is one spot ahead of Maye. Daniels’s ceiling in the modern NFL as a dual threat is the ticker for me, even if he needs a bit more throwing development than Maye early. The wide wavelength between their seasons from a development and productivity standpoint also gives Daniels the nod for me, albeit dental floss thin. 

5 - Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina, 6'4, 230

This is the “prototype.” I understand arguing for any of these top three QBs as “my guy.” He’s been branded with that Justin Herbert comp. While the arm isn’t THAT freaky strong, that comp doesn’t make me nauseous like some. 

6 - Malik Nabers, WR, LSU, 6'0, 200

“Nabers would be the #1 receiver in most Draft classes.” Now that you’ve heard that for the 101st time, he’s not falling out of the Top 10. Outside of QB, this is a top 3 WAR addition of the cycle for any team needing an immediate offensive splash.

7 - Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia, 6'4, 240

The best college football tight end of all time. Take away positional value, in terms of football player, I would have Bowers no less than #3.

8 - Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State, 6'6, 319

I still believe Fashanu would’ve been no less than OT2 in last year’s Draft, but a 20-year-old feeling he needed more time in college is understandable. The Jets at #10 looks to be the floor.

9 - Rome Odunze, WR, Washington, 6'3, 215

Odunze runs in the 4.34 range. If he drops that number at the Combine, game over. Seeing him mocked to teams like the Jets and Bears with WR1s blows my mind at the thought of Odunze as a WR2. On the flip, seeing him on teams such as the Giants and Titans where he’d be WR1 you know he’s ready.

10 - Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois, 6'2, 295

I don’t think Newton goes Top 15 because of positional value and lack of ideal size. Some teams will have Early 2nds on him. I see pass-rush production and penetrating the LOS in the run game that I can’t keep out of my top 10. Take Calijah Kancey from last year. He fell to Tampa at #19 because of his 6’, 280-pound odd frame. The first step and production were there though to have made him a DROY candidate. 

11 - Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State, 6'4, 260

Verse and Turner get the nod over Latu with clean medical histories. While I think Turner will be selected before Verse because of his higher athleticism, Verse is currently Edge #1 by a hair. Maybe it’s the violent, heavy hands and dramatic ascending growth. 

12 - Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama, 6'0, 196

Arnold came to Alabama as a safety and being just a redshirt sophomore is rapidly ascending in terms of the potential ceiling at corner. The run game ability makes sense with 4.3-foot speed and a well-built frame. If he finds himself where he’s a CB2, like Green Bay or Jacksonville, night night.

13 - Dallas Turner, EDGE, Alabama, 6'4, 251

I go back and forth between Turner and Verse. Turner is the better athlete to bet on for the upside. The weight gain this year is promising. Never been a concern for me. Anytime you see a potential 10+ sack candidate, pull the trigger.

14 - Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa, 6'1, 207

I’ve got DeJean as Safety #1, but that’s not saying he can’t play boundary corner or nickel. It’s similar to “rather be a great Guard than a good Tackle.” The ideal situation is a team with open-ended secondary issues throughout, such as the Bills or Packers.

15 - Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson, 6'2, 185

Wiggins' athletic fluidity, closing speed, instincts, and two 1st Team All-ACC seasons of production are Round 1 bound. Slender frame taking on blocks and run support is why Arnold got the nod.

16 - Taliese Fuaga, OT, Oregon State, 6'6, 335

I’d love Fuaga to go to Green Bay. Badass will hit you in the mouth. The Jets at 10 seems like a ceiling with the aforementioned Green Bay at 19 a comfortable floor.

17 - Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia, 6'7, 340

Mims compared to his high school teammates is classic “Can you pick out the 5 star?” Mims has been 99th percentile built since. With his bend, agility, reach, power, and heavy hands, he’s got it all to start at either Tackle spot. Mims comes back, he’s OT1 in 2025. Take a shot on the upside now, regardless if he’s only got a year of starting and a year of rotational minutes.

18 - Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU, 6'4, 205

Thomas Jr. goes back to LSU, he’s Top 10 in 2025. 6’4 vertical threat with speed, he’s Kansas City’s dream. Tampa is another at #20 with Mike Evans headed out the door. Jacksonville could be a ceiling potentially.

19 - Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA, 6'5, 265 

Take away the medicals and Latu is anywhere from #9-#12. The production, technical refinement, and size are so good though it keeps him here.

20 - Troy Fautanu, OG, Washington, 6'4, 317

Hand raised, I’m in the “be a great Guard versus being a good Tackle” camp. Don’t care if Tackle is more valuable, be great, not good. Fautanu will be profiled as a Guard with All-Pro potential.

21 - Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama, 6'1, 195

I can’t get over how much I love Vegas for Kool-Aid: his swag is Raiders. Back to it, he knows no different than being the top corner recruit in the country and a three-year starter for Nick Saban.

22 - Bralen Trice, EDGE, Washington, 6'4, 274

Trice is a “my guy”. Don’t care that he does not have elite edge speed, he can play with his hand in the dirt or stand up (he’s sneaky good in zone coverage). The tape tells the tale. While the Draft community has Trice in the 25-38 range, I am higher.

23 - JC Latham, OT, Alabama, 6'6, 360

The biggest player in the Draft is always going to draw attention. A 360-pounder running a 4.85 makes your eyes pop out of your head. 100th percentile weight and 99th percentile speed… get the point.

24 - Byron Murphy II, DT, Texas, 6'1, 308

Board riser. Board riser. Board riser. Murphy is the top player on this board I had to be accountable and give it another look because I was initially wrong. I prefer Newton, but you’ll see analysts claiming they prefer Murphy, primarily the size. This is the #1 player I’m most excited about at the Senior Bowl.

25 - Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon, 6'3, 187

Franklin’s gaining weight, gaining drastic more production year over year (209 yards as a freshman, 867 as a sophomore, 1383 as a junior), runs 4.35 as a vertical threat and is an effortless route runner.

26 - Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona, 6'5, 325

Versus the classic “Guard who can play Tackle”, Morgan is a Tackle with 37 career starts who happens to be able to play Guard. If it weren’t for a 2022 knee injury, he’d be a Top 50 pick last year. A team like Miami at the bottom of Round 1 excites me.

27 - Graham Barton, Interior OL, Duke, 6'5, 314

Guard or Center? Not Tackle. Some team needing interior is going to take what you wouldn’t classify as a flashy pick but will bring a ton of mileage to an offensive line.

28 - Tyler Nubin, S, Minnesota, 6'2, 210

Nubin has dominating awareness and ball production. A perfectly proportional safety body plays aggressively and is physical as hell. He’s built to last in the NFL. Love the big-hit mentality, he’ll need to learn to be choosier though going for the kill shot.

29 - Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington, 6'3, 213

Don’t fall victim to one-game scouting, it’s the body of work. Take away medical history and Penix is a 1st Rounder. I’d say “someone is going to take a shot” on the gunslinging production, but for all we know right now, Penix could fall to Day Two.

30 - Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia, 6'0, 185

Lassiter is getting undersold in the Draft community. No, he’s not going to blow up the Combine, but cut on the tape. Physical with his hands, physical in run support, and physical in route transition, he has been a two-year starter for Kirby Smart and has been 1st and 2nd Team All-SEC. 

31 - Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo, 6'0, 196

Nasty on the boundary with great proportional size and a spooky documented 23.58 mph GPS time. Mitchell can sneak into the bottom of Round 1. Mitchell needs to use the process to answer questions coming from a smaller school, recovery, and lack of press coverage experience (primarily off-coverage experience).

32 - Chris Braswell, LB/EDGE, Alabama, 6'3, 255

Built like a rock and strong like a bull, you won’t find a hotter motor. A versatile player who can play on the line at the edge and can drop into off-ball.

33 - Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State, 6'3, 254

Chop is betting on absurd athletic traits. 254-pound men aren’t supposed to run sub 4.5, bench 400 pounds, broad jump 10”7, shuttle a 4.22, and have a first step. You’ll see me be a tad lower than consensus, it’s not a knock, I just have enough length concerns and want more pass-rush moves to combat those. 

34 - Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State, 6'4, 215

Keon is a victim of some prospect fatigue in a filthy class. The one-handed catches slowed down a little from the earliest weeks and people cooled. He’s not a great separator, but his athleticism is rare.

35 - Kam Kinchens, S, Miami, 6'0, 205

Kinchens can be Safety 1. Such an aggressive ballhawk with true single-high center-field ability. For the times we have to say “This guy would’ve been a bigger deal 20 years ago”, Kinchens is the modern NFL.

36 - Jackson Powers-Johnson, C, Oregon, 6'3, 320

I never would’ve imagined not having Sedrick Van Pran as the top 2024 Center, but man JPJ is FUN. The feet, the dense mass, lateral ability, punch, and ability in space. At 21 years old, JPJ has the looks of a decade-long starting Center and you’re not a fool to snag him late Round 1.

37 - Leonard Taylor III, DT, Miami, 6'3, 305

The frame and low-centered base are built for NFL pass rush and the foundational tools are there. Taylor will need to get stronger in run support with okay strength, but guys this lean and explosive don’t last long. He was heavily misused at Miami. 305-pounders aren't supposed to be O-Tech Nose Tackles.

38 - Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia, 6'0, 185

Get past the “Belichick’s going to love him” jokes and his great name, some coordinator is going to love McConkey creatively. Simply, the route running is art. After the catch the speed is art. Emeka Egbuka going back to school didn’t exactly hurt Ladd’s stock either.

39 - AD Mitchell, WR, Texas, 6'4, 196

The lengthy body habitus and wheels are a mismatch. That paired with three years' worth of clutch moments in the CFP, Mitchell fits in that Early 2 range with WR2 expectations.

40 - Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma, 6'7, 328

The starting experience is low, but the frame, smooth feet, and range among other things put Guyton on the A list of potential upside prospects. The ideal situation is to be brought behind an aging veteran and get in a rotation for a year. Take Philly with Lane Johnson, San Francisco with Trent Williams, Atlanta with Jake Matthews, etc. for example. Won’t be shocked to see the process vault him into Late Round 1. 

41 - TJ Tampa, CB, Iowa State, 6'2, 200

Built for NFL man coverage, Tampa’s length and size profile has him firmly in Day 2 currently. Continue to get more technically sound and show ball production and he could be a candidate to sneak into the bottom of Round 1. It only takes one team…..

42 - Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB, Missouri, 6'0, 188

While Rakestraw doesn’t have great vertical speed, he’s explosive, and has jamming length, smooth hips, and instinctive ball skills. I see him bottom of Round 1 by people more familiar.

43 - T'Vondre Sweat, DT, Texas, 6'4, 362

Big Sweaty likes to eat and he’s going to require two blockers. While Nose Tackle may be positionally devalued in defensive systems, there are those clamoring for it out there who will love him. The burst, athleticism, and the fact you are not going to move his wide ass, take him comfortably anywhere in Round 2. 

44 - Tez Walker, WR, North Carolina, 6'2, 200

You’ll see people pair Walker up with wherever college quarterback Drake Maye goes. It lines up with Walker being a Day 2. The long speed (22-23 mph) paired with a proportional frame and natural ball skills give you a WR2.

45 - Kingsley Suamataia, OT, BYU, 6'6, 325

Suamataia is the kind of mauling athlete to run sub 5.0 at the Combine at 6’6, 325 pounds. This translates to his second-level ability. He’s so young, let him keep developing against speed rushers. He could be a riser and a late Round 1 for a team like Dallas, Miami, or San Francisco. 

46 - Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina, 6'3, 227

You bet on players defining physics with size, speed, and strength. 6’3, nearly 230 pound men this muscular shouldn’t run 4.3s. The one year of meteoric rise in production may frighten, but you bet on these traits, particularly if it’s the right spot in Round 2. 

47 - Kris Jenkins, DT, Michigan, 6'3, 305

Another pedigree guy, Jenkins knows no different than coming up in an NFL family with an All-Pro father and an uncle who played a decade. Great run defender, strong as a bull, and has steadily improved every year. Jenkins could rise, nonetheless he’s a very high-floor 2nd round pick all day.

48 - Sedrick Van Pran, C, Georgia, 6'4, 310

SVP is going to be a starting Center in the NFL for a decade. He would’ve contended for Center #1 last year with John Michael Schmitz. Intelligent, leader, 43 career starts for Kirby Smart, he has the complete resume. He’s not a nice fella on the field either and will hit you in the mouth. JPJ may have better length and mass anchor, but you aren’t going wrong with either of these Pro Bowl-caliber prospects. 

49 - Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas, 6'1, 172

Fans are thirsty for the next Tank Dell. Not saying Worthy is, but he’s the closest we’ll have in this class Day 2. 4.3 speed like this is always going to eat.

50 - JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan, 6'3, 202

McCarthy is the leader for this year’s “The NFL likes him much more than the Draft community.” A ceiling of QB4, a floor of QB6. He’s more athletic than given credit and fans get spiteful toward McCarthy at the fact Jim Harbaugh didn’t ask much of him, well, he didn’t have to. Lastly, I keep hearing Desmond Ridder comps. Body type? Okay. That’s it. McCarthy will go much higher than this ranking. He’s 1st Round bound.

51 - Javon Bullard, DB, Georgia, 5'11, 195

Bullard is a small safety/“STAR” who can play inside at Nickel. An experienced, smart, confident football player, don’t be fooled by a smaller stature, he’s a headhunter who loves contact and lays the wood. Whether or not you view him as a three-down player, Bullard is worth a Day Two.

52 - Ja'Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas, 6'4, 256

Tier 1 is Brock Bowers. Tier 2 is Sanders. Then we drive the Cadillac off the cliff a little bit to TE3. Sanders came along at the perfect time for his game in terms of the direction of the NFL. Sanders brings immediate Day One passing value to a team taking him on Day 2. 

53 - Brandon Dorlus, DL, Oregon, 6'3, 295

I liked how Dorlus recently compared himself to Cam Jordan. Some question if he’s a tweener and can hang inside, I don’t. So versatile, he can play 2i to a standup exterior role.

54 - Jonah Elliss, EDGE, Utah, 6'2, 246

The body habitus might not be ideal, but Elliss’s productive motor runs HOT and you want to talk about pedigree? Dad played in the league, multiple brothers played (most recognizable Kaden, LB for the Falcons). Day 2 you need a pass rusher this can be your guy.

55 - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon, 6'2, 217

Nix is this year’s Will Levis, wildly splitting crowds that is. You’ll see Nix as high as Top 15, you’ll see him as a backup. Particularly in the South, crowds are blinded by Auburn Bo Nix. Allow growth with Oregon Bo Nix, cleanse your pallet even. Yes, Nix had a lot of easy passes, but that’s the Oregon offense. Nix could be a game manager with tough athleticism as a natural leader. That’s enough to take a shot on Day 2, not Day 1. 

56 - Ja’Lynn Polk, WR, Washington, 6'2, 204  

Some are currently claiming Polk as fringe Round 1, but I think the fairer classification right now would be a solid 2nd Rounder with WR2 expectations. He’s such a fluid athlete to have that much size. 

57 - Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M, 6'3, 230  

Interested to see how the linebacker class falls in terms of starting the run. Lengthy playmakers like Cooper will always be in style, and his body habitus is in style for a WILL. 

58 - Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB, Clemson, 6'0, 230

I think you can guess who his Daddy is. The floor is high and you’re going to get an explosive, sure tackler Day 2. This linebacker class lacks starting caliber ceilings, here’s a starter you better snag if you need one. 

59 - Kiran Amegadjie, OT, Yale,  6'5, 326

Here’s the first FCS player drafted. Two year starter at Left Tackle for the Yale Bulldogs and a one-year starter at Right Guard, Amegadjie has 99th percentile arm length and the weaknesses are fixable. This isn’t a nice guy on the field, he’ll maul you. Potentially the player I’m most excited about his Senior Bowl.

60 - Patrick Paul, OT, Houston, 6'7, 315 

Four-year starter with a brother in the league, Paul has a prototype build and length. There’s project work here that keeps him out of Day 1, such as pad level, recovery, flexibility, and bend. An ideal scenario is a team with an aging Tackle room that offers him time to be in a rotation and develop behind a vet, such as Atlanta or Dallas.

61 - Adisa Isaac, EDGE, Penn State, 6'4, 254

Though graded lower, Isaac will be similar to former Penn State Edge Arnold Ebiketie that you take him on Day 2 hoping for a round worth of upside. A thick Edge class isn’t great for Isaac as more of a finesse.

62 - Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson, 6'4, 291

Ruke played everywhere on the line. That’s particularly impressive versatility considering he only started playing football junior year of high school. He fits best as a 3T but can give you 5T snaps.

63 - Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia, 6'3, 310 

I wish I saw more length, but his affinity for a zone scheme fits. But he’s a four-year starter who is strong as a bull in the upper body and has a nice anchor. Could rise for me with time. 

64 - Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State, 6'6, 237 

Okay, Wilson isn’t the best separator. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a solid way to close the gap: 36″ arms, a 35.5″ vertical, a 10’5″ broad jump, and a max speed over 21 MPH. 

65 - Christian Haynes, OG, UConn, 6'2, 313 

Haynes is on my shortlist I’m most intrigued to learn more. A big strong bear who is light on his feet with starter upside is worth betting on in Round 3. 

66 - Calen Bullock, S, Southern Cal, 6'3, 190 

The center fielder is getting paid for athletic upside and aggressive plays on the ball, despite some questionable run defense for a slender ballhawk. I’m a tad lower on Bullock than consensus right now. 

67 - Sione Vaki, S, Utah, 6'0, 208 

A “my guy.”. I stop myself from using the term “football player” too much, but Vaki could play offense or defense. I realize he is a pro safety, but Vaki was a collegiate demon at running back, averaging 7.5 yards per carry and 18.5 yards per catch. 

68 - Cooper Beebe, OG, Kansas State, 6'4, 335 

Back-to-back Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year, Beebe has 40 career starts across every position minus Center. That versatility and experience is his biggest resume builder along with mass. 

69 - Blake Corum, RB, Michigan, 5'8, 214 

The bowling ball is going to be a fan favorite for the hard running style and bloody nose tough guy moments. He belongs on a northern team in the cold. 

70 - Zak Zinter, OG, Michigan, 6'6, 322 

A 42-game starter before his end-of-year knee injury, Zinter has been around the block. This is a shot for the potential return at an injury discount for a guy who will struggle to move the needle a lot in the process, similar to Andrew Vorhees last year in Baltimore.  

71 - Jalen McMillan, WR, Washington, 6'1, 192

McMillan is best when he can run crisp routes and get out in space. A slender multi-role guy with a Robbie Chosen/Jalen Tolbert build. His physical traits beyond speed set a ceiling of a solid WR3. Tad lower than consensus. 

72 - Kalen King, CB, Penn State, 5'11, 190

It’s become “cool” to pick on King since he had an inflated Draft grade going into the year and had a rough game against the most polarizing player in the country. Okay, he’s not a 1st Rounder like we may have thought, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still a high-upside CB2 candidate. 

73 - Josh Newton, CB, TCU, 6'0, 195

A receiver turned corner, Newton has the innate traits you can’t develop like athleticism and ball skills, and all the foundational aspects you can further develop like being technical and route recognition. 

74 - Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan, 6'0, 192

Wilson isn’t getting enough publicity about how athletic he is. 4.33 speed will always eat, along with a nearly 40-inch vert. Wilson is a great WR3 type with Day 2 chances with a strong process. 

75 - Payton Wilson, LB, NC State, 6'4, 238

Production-wise, this is the best linebacker. Take away the injury history and this is Linebacker #1. The athletic range to go sideline to sideline and never get lost in space is so high that someone is going to get a starter. 

76 - Marshawn Kneeland, EDGE, Western Michigan, 6'3, 275

You probably haven’t heard of Kneeland. Versatile ability to play Edge, stand up, hell play some interior on certain packages. He gives me Karl Brooks vibes of a smaller school multiple-option upside player who is fast and twitchy as a cat.

77 - Michael Hall Jr., DT, Ohio State, 6'2, 295

Potential, potential, potential….bet on the pass rush upside. The motor and closing speed can be spooky at 6’2, 295. Hall is one of the new Juniors featured in the Senior Bowl. 

78 - Braden Fiske, DT, Florida State, 6'5, 297

Ever heard of “country strong”? Fiske is a big ole man with strong hands and knows how to use them grappling blockers and counters. 

79 -  Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida, 6'1, 200 

Pearsall’s not great at anything, but he’s good at everything. Good blocker in the run game, good hands, twitchy release, a nice vertical threat, tough catch point in the middle of the field. 

80 - Brenden Rice, WR, Southern Cal, 6'3, 210  

A great ball tracker with good size will make an easy transition to a WR3 with potential WR2 upside. Bless his heart, he’s going to hear his daddy’s name just like he always has. 

81 - Junior Colson, LB, Michigan, 6'3, 247

Colson will benefit from a weaker linebacker class because he has a starting caliber ceiling/floor. Well built, great in coverage, and built to withstand run defense. 

82 - Malachi Corley, WR,  Western Kentucky, 5'11, 210

The Draft community is going to have to cool it with the Deebo comp a bit. Corley’s got great after-the-catch ability, powerful balance, and role versatility schematically. The conversation starts in Round 3. 

83 - Darius Robinson, DL, Missouri, 6'5, 295  

Gameplay and anticipated Draft capital, Robinson gives me Zach Harrison vibes. Yes, I know Robinson is 15 pounds heavier. To that point, it’s even more exciting with Robinson seeing him hang 8.5 sacks this year, 7 games in a row grabbing a sack. 

84 - Mike Sainristil, CB, Michigan, 5'10, 183 

Sainristil to a lesser degree feels like Clark Phillips, who falls to early Day 3 because of smaller stature but is a productive, ball-skilled nickel you can’t keep off the field. Phillips is already starting the boundary in Atlanta. 

85 - Jermaine Burton, WR, Alabama, 6'0, 195

Squash the character concerns & Burton has nice slot potential. Is the headache worth it? There’s so much receiver talent in this class, a tier would have to drop off. He needs a good fit, Nick Saban couldn’t even keep him tame.  

86 - Jonathan Brooks, RB, Texas, 6'0, 207

Without injury, Brooks is probably RB1. Who knows how teams will view the injury, considering he is on schedule for the start of the 2024 NFL season. 

87 - Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU, 6'0, 295 

Hell of a gap shooter with his compact build, Wingo’s smaller for the interior and could be a more specific schemed player. I’m admittedly a tad lower than consensus. 

88 - Caelen Carson, CB, Wake Forest, 6'0, 195

The proportional frame, foot speed, twitch, and consistent man coverage ability is foundational. He could climb by showcasing physicality and vertical speed hanging with elite movers in the process. 

89 - Trey Benson, RB, Florida State, 6'1, 221

Benson’s dense build is immediately translatable to league work. Contact balance and foot speed are on top and he’s a fair argument for a Day 2 pick. 

90 - Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame, 5'11, 227

Potential “my guy.” Enjoyed Estime’s tape as good as any. Appeared in every game in his career while adding 18 rushing touchdowns and over six yards per carry this season. He’s not going to be a burner, but thrives in a rotation. 

91 - Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon, 6'3, 195 

Jackson would be better served in a rotational role with Day 3 expectations right now, with a chance to continue developing his physicality in run support and off-coverage confidence into a potential starter. 

92 - Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon, 5'10, 194  

Explosive playmaker with legit speed, while I’m not comparing him to Devon Achane, Irving could be that guy this year who isn’t necessarily the top 1-2 backs taken, but in the middle rounds can put up some numbers (Achane got a perfect fit). 

93 - DJ James, CB, Auburn, 6'1, 174 

Explosive athlete with ball skills, James will get knocked for being light in the jeans. Would like to see some effort on the scale pre-Combine. 

94 - Gabe Murphy, EDGE, UCLA, 6'3, 260 

I’ve admittedly got to get more exposure to Murphy. Quickness paired with strong hands and fast straight line speed makes for a nice rotational piece floor. 

95 - McKinnley Jackson, DT, Texas A&M, 6'2, 325

0-Tech, A gap interior anticipating a strong Senior Bowl displaying his on field talent/effort, but also hopefully his recognized leadership, winning the Defensive Leadership Award and the Strength & Conditioning Award at A&M. 

96 - Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State, 6'3, 212

Buckle your chinstrap. Large safety who takes good angles and plays with a motor. Faster on the football field than a straight line. Excited to see how he stacks up at the Senior Bowl. 

97 - Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville, 6'1, 185 

Solid athlete, not spectacular. Great route runner with great throttle control and the ability to find soft spots in zone coverage. WR3 expectations.  

98 - Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson, 6'2, 300

Davis can lift the entire gym and is ready to be in an NFL rotation physically. His athletic traits might be average like that of an early Day 3, but he tackles well and has a ton of experience to make you want to draft a solid player. 

99 - Jaheim Bell, TE, Florida State, 6'3, 238

Bell is J’Tavion Sanders-lite at a discount. I’m higher than consensus because the after catch ability and twitchy athleticism fit the modern NFL. We aren’t getting much of a blocker here, so he’s built for a role.

100 - Javon Baker, WR, UCF, 6'1, 208

You swear Baker’s 6’4 only to find out he’s 6 '1. His catch radius and high point ability is bigger. No, he’s not a separator or a burner, but he’s physical enough to be a Day 3 depth piece. 


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