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2024 NFL Draft Final Board #31-40: Player-By-Player

31 - Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma, 6'7.5, 322

The starting experience is low (14 starts at RT), but the frame and smooth feet put Guyton on the upside-A list. His movement and pulling ability in space is marveling.

The ideal situation is behind an aging veteran in a rotation for a year. Take Philly with Lane Johnson, San Francisco with Trent Williams, etc. With time, a vet of that caliber and NFL coaching/conditioning can clean upper body consistency. Miami is another name to watch.

32 - Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama, 5'11, 199

I get it, corners like Quinyon Mitchell, Terrion Arnold, & Nate Wiggins have higher athletic upside than Kool-Aid. When did it become “cool” to leave him out of talks though?

Who’s been in the spotlight for the last five years? Who started for Nick Saban for three years? Who was the #1 CB recruit in the country? Who was handling the 1s in Tuscaloosa? Kool-Aid sells too baby ... CB2 expectations are going to look good on the man. Atlanta is a sneaky trade-up candidate in my opinion. 

33 - Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State, 6'2.5, 254,

Chop is betting on absurd athletic traits. 254-pound men aren’t supposed to run sub 4.5, bench 400 pounds, broad jump 10”8, shuttle a 4.25, and have a gnarly first step. I have enough length and stride concerns and want more pass-rush moves to combat those to pass on a Round 1 grade.

34 - Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona, 6'5, 311 

Versus the classic “Guard who can play Tackle”, Morgan is a Tackle with 37 career starts who happens to be able to play Guard. If it weren’t for a 2022 knee injury, he’d have been a Top 50 pick last year.

Identifiable strengths like burst, anchor, recovery, and leverage give an OLine coach initial tools to work on the punch and power, particularly on inside moves. 

35 - Payton Wilson, LB, NC State, 6'3.5, 233

We talk about Michael Penix Jr. & Laiatu Latu’s injury histories and them being so damn good you have to take a shot. Payton Wilson is so damn good you have to take a shot. I am as big an Edgerrin Cooper guy as you’ll find, but man I get it having Wilson LB1. I don’t see anything from a linebacker perspective he doesn’t do well: box defender, hang with RBs in terms of speed, hang with TEs in terms of muscle, hook, dropping back into zone coverage, Production, speed, production, speed.

36 - Jackson Powers-Johnson, IOL, Oregon, 6'3, 328

Cement JPJ at Center, knowing he has experience at both Guard spots should you need him there. I’d imagine a fire hydrant having this kind of sturdy balance, but not this much burst. Well-coached in angles and second-level progression, JPJ’s natural pick-up ability won’t get him moved, and can help other interiors recover. 

37 - Zach Frazier, IOL, West Virginia, 6'2.5, 313

After initially selling him short, Frazier grew and grew on me throughout the process. I wish I saw more length, but Frazier’s affinity for a zone scheme fits. He’s a four-year starter who is strong as a bull in the upper body with a nice anchor. Frazier is the floor play whereas JPJ is the ceiling play. 

38 - Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina, 6'1, 221 

“Why just 1 big year for Xavier Legette?" Having both parents pass away freshman year, COVID-19, a motorcycle accident, & a coaching change would have 99% of us as a “late bloomer”, if we were lucky to have hung on. Legette is a tough country SOB. Man coverage assessment and development will be his new WR coach’s first project. 

39 - Kingsley Suamataia, OT, BYU, 6'4.5, 326

Suamataia is so young (He just turned 21), let him keep developing against speed rushers. The high-end athleticism, mauling second-level ability, mean streak, and particularly at such a young developmental age? He’s circled for teams wanting to wait for Tackle Round 2 versus Round 1, say the New England Patriots or Washington Commanders for example.

40 - Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida, 6'1, 189 

Pearsall is effortless in his route tree on tape and so dependable, releasing in and out of breaks as a security blanket for his quarterback. Don’t see 190 and give less credit than due to Pearsall being tough as hell and having stick ‘em hands. Pearsall is yet another example that Herm Edwards was signing some serious talent at Arizona State, along with Jayden Daniels, Brandon Aiyuk, Rachaad White, etc.

** 41-50 Tomorrow.

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