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2023 NFL Record Predictions

The 2023 NFL season is almost here! As fans host fantasy football drafts, make plans for Week One, buy tickets to see their favorite teams, and bet on who will win the NFL's Most Valuable Player Award, it is time to make some predictions for all 32 teams in the league.

Whether you are curious about how many games your team is projected to win, want to see the best odds around the league, or try to impress your friends with your football knowledge, this article will share our 2023 NFL Record Predictions.

Before we begin, let's take a look back at last year's exciting season! It was one to remember with many memorable games and exciting action. The Miami Dolphins finally made the playoffs after back-to-back misses despite winning records. After back-to-back first-overall picks, the Jacksonville Jaguars made the playoffs and won the division and a playoff game. We also can't forget the New York Giants and Detroit Lions, two teams who have had many losing seasons since 2018, both finished with winning records.

And the defending champion Los Angeles Rams fell to 5-12 with injury troubles, while the Russell Wilson-Broncos experiment didn't end too well. In the playoffs, Jalen Hurts, who had a breakout year leading the Eagles to a 14-3 record fell just short to the Kansas City Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes also broke the MVP curse, winning both the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

Will this season live up to the hype? Let's get started with the predictions in the AFC.

AFC North

2022 Division Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (12-5) y

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7) x

  3. Baltimore Ravens (10-7) x

  4. Cleveland Browns (9-8)

In arguably the NFL's toughest division, it's no surprise that the standings are this close. After suffering a scary training camp injury, quarterback Joe Burrow could miss some time. But despite this, his Bengals still take the division. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens clinch a playoff spot for the second straight year, while the Steelers match their record from a year ago but clinch a playoff spot.

AFC South

2022 Division Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8) y

  2. Tennessee Titans (7-10)

  3. Houston Texans (6-11)

  4. Indianapolis Colts (6-11)

After making a big push at the end of the season to make the playoffs, the Jaguars added receiver Calvin Ridley and improved its defense. Meanwhile, the Titans added DeAndre Hopkins, but still have a lot of questions and holes. The Texans and Colts are still in rebuilds and hope to develop their young players this season.

AFC East

2022 Division Winner: Buffalo Bills

  1. New York Jets (11-6) y

  2. Buffalo Bills (11-6) x

  3. Miami Dolphins (8-9)

  4. New England Patriots (7-10)

After adding future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Jets are hoping to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010, and they have the team to do it. Meanwhile, the Bills are hoping to finally make it back to the Super Bowl. Despite getting better this offseason, the Dolphins' season depends on how healthy the team can stay, with star cornerback Jalen Ramsey already out until December. Finally, the Patriots hope to see some improvement from Mac Jones with a new offensive coordinator.

AFC West

2022 Division Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) z

  2. Los Angeles Chargers (8-9)

  3. Denver Broncos (7-10)

  4. Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)

The defending Super Bowl champions should easily win the division crown once again. The Chargers brought in Kellen Moore to help out Justin Herbert and the offense, but will it be enough? The Broncos traded for coach Sean Payton, who will look to make the playoffs with a quarterback not named Drew Brees for the first time. The Raiders added Jimmy Garoppolo, but is he an improvement over Derek Carr?

NFL AFC Projected Standings:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) z

  2. Cincinnati Bengals (12-5) y

  3. New York Jets (11-6) y

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8)

  5. Buffalo Bills (11-6) x

  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7) x

  7. Baltimore Ravens (10-7) x

Missed The Cut:

8. Cleveland Browns (9-8)

9. Los Angeles Chargers (8-9)

10. Miami Dolphins (8-9)

Projected Playoff Matchups:

Ravens at Bengals; Steelers at Jets; Bills at Jaguars;

Who would win?

NFC North

2022 Division Winner: Minnesota Vikings

  1. Minnesota Vikings (10-7) y

  2. Detroit Lions (9-8) x

  3. Green Bay Packers (8-9)

  4. Chicago Bears (8-9)

Many see the Vikings missing the playoffs despite winning 13 games last season. Meanwhile, is the Lions' hype real? They likely will make the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The Packers enter the Jordan Love era but match their record from a year ago. Finally, the Bears go from the worst team in the NFL to an eight-win team. But is that enough to satisfy the fans?

NFC South

2022 Division Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. Atlanta Falcons (10-7) y

  2. New Orleans Saints (7-10)

  3. Carolina Panthers (7-10)

  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-11)

After going 7-10 last season, why would the Falcons make the playoffs? They upgraded their defense, added a top running back in Bijan Robinson, and have the league's easiest schedule. Last season, Derek Carr went to the Superdome and was shut out by the Saints. Now he is their starting quarterback. Meanwhile, the Panthers drafted Bryce Young first overall, and have a very promising future. Tampa Bay is handing the keys from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield, but the defense should keep them in games.

NFC East

2022 Division Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Dallas Cowboys (11-6) y

  2. Philadelphia Eagles (11-6) x

  3. New York Giants (8-9)

  4. Washington Commanders (5-12)

There has not been a repeat NFC East division winner in so many years and will likely stay that way. With the Eagles having a hard schedule, the Cowboys could swoop in and take the division. Despite making big improvements in the offseason, the Giants could regress, and will Daniel Jones be as good as his contract? Finally, the Commanders have a new owner and a new quarterback, but if this experiment goes wrong, a franchise QB in the draft could be waiting.

NFC West

2022 Division Winner: San Francisco 49ers

  1. San Francisco 49ers (11-6) z

  2. Seattle Seahawks (9-8) x

  3. Los Angeles Rams (8-9)

  4. Arizona Cardinals (5-12)

The 49ers have the NFL's best roster, but yet have a big question mark in the quarterback room. Meanwhile, Seattle looks to build on last season's surprising success while the Rams look to stay healthy and try to regain their 2021 form. Finally, the Cardinals look to tank for Caleb Williams, but will they be as bad as everyone thinks? They did make the playoffs two years ago.

NFL NFC Projected Standings

  1. San Francisco 49ers (11-6) z

  2. Dallas Cowboys (11-6) y

  3. Minnesota Vikings (10-7) y

  4. Atlanta Falcons (10-7) y

  5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-6) x

  6. Seattle Seahawks (9-8) x

  7. Detroit Lions (9-8) x

Missed The Cut:

8. Green Bay Packers (8-9)

9. Los Angeles Rams (8-9)

10. New York Giants (8-9)

Projected Playoff Matchups:

Lions at Cowboys; Seahawks at Vikings; Eagles at Falcons

Who would win?

Thanks for reading this article! Check out the rest of Stadium Rant for more NFL content!


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