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2023 NFL Mock Draft (PFF) Picks One Through Five, With A Massive Trade

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I will do a complete first-round PFF mock draft with player trades, but I am breaking it up into segments that can be easier digested. Some will say this is starting the NFL draft coverage early, but the draft is a month and a half away, and the rumor mill is flying. So start from the top picks one through five in this article. Then six to eleven, 12-21, and 22-32 in a four-article series.

Number One – Bears Trade With Commanders

The Commanders Select Quarterback Bryce Young

I know this sounds crazy, but the Commanders send over 16, 47, a 2024 first and second, and Chase Young for the Number One overall and picks 134 & 137. So looking through the picks and needs, this trade framework makes sense.

We all know Chicago isn’t going to make this selection. It is too valuable to use on a lineman. In addition, the Bears need a defensive identity, Chase Young fits that mold when healthy, and there is heavy speculation that Washington won’t pick up his fifth-year option.

#Commanders DE Chase Young, former 2nd overall pick in the 2020 Draft, isn't guaranteed to have his 5th-year option picked up by the team, according to @michaelpRTD The option is worth $17.4 million. Young has only 1.5 sacks the past 2 seasons, and missed games due to injuries — Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) February 9, 2023

Washington has been in the QB rat race for as long as I can remember, retreads haven’t worked, and they have drafted prospects with flaws. Getting Bryce Young would put the Commanders in the running for one of the more competitive divisions in the NFL.

They have a primarily young, paid-for offense and critical pieces to build around on defense without Chase. This is a Young for Young swap that makes sense for both sides. Eric Beinemy gets a franchise gut to build around again.

Number Two- Texans Take Stroud

Some people may view this as a consolation prize, but I do not; I think Stroud is just as good, if not a better, prospect than Bryce. Stroud has more size and has more of a ceiling regarding physical traits. The Texans will be getting a massive upgrade over Davis Mills.

At 6’3, 215, he is the perfect mold for the position, Houston will have to add weapons to help the kid, but he could very well change the culture for the Texans. If they don’t screw it up, that is. Hopefully, they learned from the team-building techniques that didn’t work with Watson. Stroud could be my favorite player in the class, so I’ll try not to gush.

Number Three- Cards Add Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter is more than a breath of fresh air, standing at 6’3, 300 pounds, and a guy is practically an oxygen machine for Arizona. He could come in and have a ten-sack season, well plugging the run. Jordan Davis was my favorite player in the class last year, and Carter is a better prospect. He attacks with leverage and has the raw power of a Bull. But he doesn’t let strength take away his speed or quickness.

Jonathan Gannon’s style of defense favors strength at the line of scrimmage vs. corner and safety talent. The Eagles almost overwhelmed people with how many talented players they have on their D-line, Mahomes tore them up, but they were still gifted enough to get to the Super Bowl. Arizona will need to add more, but Carter is a fantastic way to anchor that group.

Number Four- Colts Draft Will Levis

Levis is the definition of a toolsy project. However, with a 6’3 232 frame, he has everything that could turn him into the next Josh Allen. But he also isn’t even as polished as Allen was. He has significant footwork issues and releases questions, but his arm could be an actual rocket launcher, and he bounces off tackles.

I would rather have Anthony Richardson, but this is what I think could happen, not what I would do. The Colts have stated they want to address long-term QB this season, and they are in a perfect spot to do so, barring someone trading to three overall jumping them. Levis should be excellent in Indy, but there will be growing pains.

Number Five- Seahawks Steal Will Anderson Jr

He comes to the Seahawks with a top-five pick and a playoff team. Adding one of the highest-graded pass rushers in PFF books since they started grading nearly 15 years ago will go a tremendous way with Pete Carroll.

Yeah, the Seahawks must do everything in their power to get Will Anderson on their defense. I don’t use this word often, but Anderson is absolutely generational. — luke (@ColdWunz) February 21, 2023

Uchenna Nwosu already played a very productive rookie season. Giving that team another wrecking ball of the edge could make Seattle a 12-win team. The Russ trade is looking better by the day for Seattle.

Bottom Line

The top five pick in the draft is perhaps the most excited part of the NFL calendar and this certainly was an explosive result. There will be a big and realistic trade in all of the articles in the series. I hope you enjoyed the piece and sort of agree with the selections.


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