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2023 NFL Mock Draft: Five Insane Picks That Would Shake Things Up

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The 2023 NFL Draft is essentially here and the hype is only increasing. Draft boards are constantly changing but that makes it more fun. With guys like Bryce Young and CJ Stroud being named near the top, let’s shake things up. Mocks are all about creating situations that could or could not happen. That being said, here are five insane draft picks that would shake up every board out there.

Round One, Pick One: Panthers Take Will Anderson Jr

Everyone is expecting the Panthers to take a quarterback in this year’s draft. What if they switch it up and take Alabama’s Will Anderson Jr? Anderson brings elite pass-rushing skills and would step into a starting role immediately with the Panthers. He might not have the appeal that a quarterback pick has but he does bring a defensive skillset that is hard to pass up.

Round One, Pick Two: Texans Select Will Levis

With the second overall pick, the Houston Texans select Will Levis? Imagine the Texans decide that Levis is the better prospect with his size and athleticism. Levis has exceptional arm strength and the ability to tuck and run. In today’s NFL, the dual-threat ability is what any team wants in their QB. Levis has all the intangibles to be a successful NFL quarterback but the Texans have to take a chance on him first.

Round One, Pick Three: Cardinals Pick Swap With Titans

Here is where we could get the first big trade of the NFL Draft. The Cardinals have been rumored to open to trading the third overall pick. I think this is more realistic than we care to admit. The Titans are hinting at a major rebuild and what better way to start that than to get a top-three pick right? The Titans have the 11th overall pick and could swap with Arizona as a trade piece.

With Ryan Tannehill on the decline, the Titans could very well trade into the top three and select a quarterback. If this were to happen, Tennessee would want to make it worthwhile. That would mean taking someone like Bryce Young or CJ Stroud if they’re available. The Titans making a splash like this would give them a good starting point on their rebuild.

Round One, Pick Five: Green Bay Trades Up For QB

With the Aaron Rodgers deal finally being completed, and that too, for some heavy compensation Draft night rolls in and Green Bay makes a splash by trading into the top five. Pick swapping with Seattle would mean the Seahawks get the 13th overall pick and likely Green Bay’s second and third-round picks as well.

Green Bay makes the splash by trading up and getting someone like CJ Stroud who falls to number five by chance. The Packers then get a fresh face quarterback who could become their franchise guy for the next decade. Obviously, the Packers have some other needs to address but without Rodgers, unless they fully trust Jordan Love, Green Bay could be in need of some quarterback help and this move could be what they need.

Round One, Pick Seven: Cowboys Trade Up For RB

In my Cowboys mock draft, I had them staying back at pick 26 and taking a tight end. However, the Cowboys could make a splash and move into the top ten. If this move happened, they would clearly want to go after Bijan Robinson. After releasing Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys need someone to pair with Tony Pollard.

Robinson has been dropped into the end of the first round in some mocks and put in the top ten in some mocks. If Dallas is desperate enough to sacrifice some draft picks for Bijan, then this is a solid move for the future of the franchise. Robinson is the most NFL-ready running back in this class but it’s a gamble taking him early unless that position is a major need.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 NFL Draft is going to be one of the more interesting because of how many rumors there are. Usually, there is a consensus top three and everyone can expect the outcome. This year has so many question marks with what teams are needing in the draft and how desperate they are to make big moves to get it. Do not be surprised if there are some fireworks this year and your draft board is all kinds of wrong.



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