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2023 Bulldogs’ Star Involved In Fatal Crash That Killed A Teammate

Bulldogs Prospect could be in trouble after an arrest warrant out On March first, for a potential top-five draft pick in this year’s 2023 draft. In addition, Jalen Carter has charges for his alleged role in a January traffic crash that killed his teammate and a recruiting staffer for the University of Georgia.

What Happens Now?

Both charges against Jalen Carter are misdemeanors, Athens-Clarke County spokesman confirms.

The defensive lineman is being charged with reckless driving and racing by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department after allegedly street racing with Chandler Lecroy on Jan. 15.

Jalen Carter is subject of arrest warrant in Athens after being implicated by police for racing in the crash that took the life of former teammate, and UGA staffer. — Seth Emerson (@SethWEmerson) March 1, 2023

Lecroy, a UGA staffer, lost control of the 2021 SUV (104 mph), resulting in the death of her and Offensive lineman Devin Willock. The crash occurred moments after the team celebrated their championship win.

Sources say that Carter misled the police and left the scene before paramedics could arrive. A toxicology report determined that LeCroy’s blood alcohol concentration levels were .197, surpassing Georgia’s legal limit, more than twice the limit.

According to individuals who heard the crash, LeCroy and Willock hit a power line, a light pole, hit a tree, and a building. A bystander who listened to the accident said the UGA attendees were behind the car after the crash. Both later died from their succumbing wounds.

Carter is supposed to return to Athens to address the arrest warrants. Instead, the Bulldogs’ defensive lineman left the NFL Combine to return to Athens to turn himself in.

Is The Bulldogs Top Prospect Still A Top-Five Pick?

Jalen is worth a top five pick, but he will probably drop lower due to his arrest warrants. His draft stock is currently spiraling down. Carter stated that he would be “fully exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing” in a statement he released Wednesday morning before leaving the NFL Combine. — Jalen Carter (@breadmanjalen) March 1, 2023

According to individuals with CBS Sports, in their first-round mock drafts, Jalen has fallen to No. 17 to the Steelers. However, if pardoned, the prospect can be in the top ten, but the top five need to be more realistic.

Misleading Disappointing Loopholes

Jalen had a chance, but I wonder whether he said the truth or half-truths. After reporting to the police that he was nearly a mile away when the car accident occurred, Carter said he heard the crash in his dorm. Still, he returned to the scene two hours afterward.

There are many moving parts, and it doesn’t seem like this will be exonerated. However, as unfortunate as it sounds, this could be a significant issue surrounding the star prospect for years.

Although the Bulldogs’ top prospect faces misdemeanor charges, it could be worse for the defensive lineman when everything else unfolds. Legal trouble can escalate at any given moment.

Bulldog Returns To NFL Combine

Teams started meeting with players Monday and Tuesday. The Combine is already undergoing. It kicked off at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday in Indianapolis. The Georgia Bulldogs DT didn’t attend the press meeting on Wednesday due to his arrest warrant.

Most GMs likely weren’t informed about Carter’s wrongdoing earlier this year because the news seemingly broke through the internet the day before the Combine. However, it could help his chances of being a top-10 pick if he notified GMs of his current situation.

Released on a $4,000 bond just before midnight, The Bulldogs DT officially returned to the NFL Combine to “finish his interviews, measurements, and other activities,” NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

From our Combine coverage: The information gathering on #Georgia DT Jalen Carter has begun. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 2, 2023

Carter was projected as a top-five draft pick before the police relinquished the arrest warrant. However, with his stock slowly trending down, it remains to know how far the DT will fall down the draft and which teams would want him.

The draft is in two months. Tune in to Stadium Rant for updates on Jalen Carter’s draft updates.

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