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2022 Pro Bowler Exemplifies Super Bowl Potential Of The Pats On Day One Of Training Camp

NFL franchises pray to the football gods to be blessed by a franchise player that exemplifies & transcends the team to immortality. Tom Brady did that for New England for two decades. Could they have struck lightning twice?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Football Has Returned.

The question may seem like nonsensical bias, but if you saw him jog onto the field and put on a performance on the first day of training camp. He led the 2022 Pats out with youthful energy, firing up the crowd and teammates.

On Tuesday, Belichick told reporters that Mac has made “dramatic improvements” over the offseason. Mac worked directly with Tom Brady’s former throwing coach, Tom House. His throw power and range were the main focus during their time together. Bill got a sneak peek at what Patriots Nation experienced on Wednesday.

"In all areas, I think there's a dramatic improvement… he's starting from a much, much higher point this year." Bill Belichick breaks down how Mac Jones has improved his game during the offseason 👀 — NBC Sports Boston's Patriots Coverage (@NBCSPatriots) July 26, 2022

What Impressed The Peeps & Exemplifies The Patriot Way?

It’s not about what you say. It’s about what you do. Mac Jones precisely embodies that clique.

Mac was the first one on the field. He focuses on the little things during his warm-ups. For example, he used a towel to throw imaginary passes before touching a pigskin. He wants to be better than great.

He took every snap like it was a regular season contest. If someone screwed up, his voice was the first in their ear. Then, in the next play, they got it right.

My favorite play from day one was his consistent energy. He loves football. The Foxboro Faithful fed off his energy. It got to the point when he finished the day on a touchdown. This is Mac’s house.

The fans are not the only ones who cannot say a bad thing about Mac. His teammates share the same sentiment. Just ask Kendrick Bourne.

Kendrick Bourne on his improved chemistry with Mac Jones in Year 2: “The ice is already broken so it’s a lot better.” — Henry McKenna (@McKennAnalysis) July 27, 2022

Patriot Pitts’s Bold Prediction For 2022

I say it to my dad. I say it to the peeps. I say it to the enemy. Don’t doubt Bill Belichick. It’s a war you will not win.

When the greatest coach in NFL history tells the world his secret weapon significantly improved over the past few months, the other 31 teams should be shaking. Jones played for Belichick’s padawan, Nick Saban, at Alabama. Alabama has mimicked the Patriot dynasty in the NCAA for over a decade. Belichick saw Jones and knew he could mold him into another Tommy Boy.

Mac Jones will likely not win MVP, but he will have a handful more playoff wins than any of the top three contenders. His stats may not drop jaws, but his consistency will. The front office surrounded him with the tools and more.

After one day, I feel confident in Mac Jones steering the ship for a few more years. So now, let’s focus on forcing a punt!


This wasn’t me, but I agree with him, pal.

Mid-question a fan yells: “Mac I love you!” Mac Jones: “Thank you” 😂 — Casey Baker (@_CaseyBaker) July 27, 2022

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