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2022 Patriots Playoff Drought Is Nothing To Fear Ignore Bumbling Warren Sharp

My mom has her classic sayings for any situation. For example, she told me to chase myself around the block when I was bored. However, don’t cry over spilled milk was said the most.

The football community wants to cry cliff any time the Patriots are involved in the headlines. So, seeing them reach a playoff win drought just like the rest of the league must make many national fans very happy.

Mac Jones spoke about the improvements he has been making during the offseason, but everyone wants to focus on the vacant spots at offense and defensive coordinator. With good, bad looms in the shadows.

I bit my tongue for a majority of the stories. Most of it is just white noise to soothe Patriots Nation into the season. However, I refuse to take any slander thrown at Belichick, Kraft, or anyone in the organization.

Football’s most well-known statistician, Warren Sharp, decided to poke the bear the other day on Twitter. He knew what he was doing.

teams to win a playoff game more recently than the Patriots: Texans Vikings Browns Bengals Titans Seahawks Ravens Saints Packers 49ers Chiefs Bucs Bills Rams nearly half the league has won a playoff game since the Patriots last win — Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) May 25, 2022

How Did They Perform In Their Last Playoff Games?

The Patriots have not looked like their usual selves in the playoffs. They lost in the first round of their playoff appearances and missed them entirely during the Cam Newton era. The Bills did not punt in their wild-card matchup, which does not the best look for a coaching staff that praises defense overall.

It was one of the more deflating losses in the Belichick era.

Brady’s final pass in a Patriots uniform ended in a touchdown for the other team. Mac looked lost in his first playoff game. The defense allowed Josh Allen to waltz over them with ease.

Everyone wants to highlight the negative of not winning a playoff game. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to find yourself in that mindset because winning has become expected. Fans expect more from their teams than any other city, especially Foxboro.

With that being said, they forget what goes into a championship team. London Bridge is not falling down; it just needs some renovations.

Playoff Wins Mean Nothing Unless Gold Is Won.

I laugh at those who count out the Patriots before the leaves change colors. Belichick runs his football team differently; he always has. He revolutionized the game with his extensive knowledge of the sport’s history.

Every doubt cast on him for doing something against the grain quickly evaporates once it unfolds. You don’t get that many Super Bowls by doing the same thing repeatedly. Einstein had a quote about that.

He relies on his players to trust the system rather than basing the system around players. Any player can be great by following the Patriot way. It’s not one or two different things. It is all about doing the little things right.

The teams in Sharp’s tweet still struggle to consistently do the little things right. As a result, their playoff runs end up being flashes in pans. The Texans, Browns, Vikings, and Seahawks have a laundry list of internal issues that need to be addressed before playoffs are mentioned. Can’t say the same for the Pats.

I love Warren Sharp, but tweets like his can sway followers into only seeing one side of the coin. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s one of my sayings.

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