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2022 Bears Position Review: What Wide Receivers Can Make A Big Impact Out Wide For The Chicago Bears

The Bears are definitely not the most skilled when it comes to the wide receivers, but with many openings and starting spots on the line, who are the Bears going to field? And who deserves it the most?

With Bears action starting to get all the way back into full swing, starters are starting to solidify their spots each and every day around the league. The Bears have some starting spots being filled out at different respective positions, but only have one answer so far when it comes to the weapons that quarterback Justin Fields will be throwing to this season. The whole league knows the Bears wide receivers are very unproven behind their number one Darnell Mooney, but there are plenty of solid options behind him, and some the Bears should just turn away from as soon as possible.

The Proven Number One: Darnell Mooney

The only player on the team who is assured their spot on the wide receiver depth chart is the former fifth rounder out of Tulane himself, Darnell Mooney. There isn’t a whole lot to touch on with Mooney as far as fighting for one of those coveted spots goes, but there are some things to hope for in Mooney’s third season with the Bears. The biggest thing to see from Mooney is how he and Justin Fields can flow together and prove to the rest of the league that he is among the true number one wide receivers in the league. Expect to see a big season from the 24-year-old wide out.

The “Should Be” Starting Wide Receivers

Equanimous St. Brown

Equanimous St. Brown is trending in the direction of being opposite Darnell Mooney week one against San Fransisco, and there is some good reason behind it. Some may say St. Brown has a slight edge in this position battle, and they wouldn’t be wrong. His chemistry with new Bears Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy and the offense has absolutely been an edge to him, after all that’s probably a reason the Bears signed the former Packers wide out. He has had a very impressive camp and has shown he is the guy with the most knowledge of the offense. Expect to see him out wide for Justin Fields when September 11th rolls around.

Byron Pringle

Well, this one is a little tough. After having a solid camp up to date, Byron Pringle unfortunately is sidelined due to his recent quad injury, his status as far as being number three as far as wide receivers go has taken a bit of a hit. Head Coach Matt Eberflus has come out and said he does not believe that this injury will carry over into regular season play, but if he is to return right before week one, Byron Pringle may not see the field right away as hoped, leaving this spot open for another guy. Pringle will be back and will be fighting for this position in the near future, even if it isn’t for week one.

Velus Jones Jr.

The rookie from Tennessee had been having a fantastic camp and was looking to compete with Pringle to be one of the starting wide receivers to open the season, before having to be sidelined with his own injury causing him to miss the preseason opener last Saturday. Luckily for him, he is only day-to-day. Everything that has come out of camp so far has shown that even if Jones Jr. isn’t able to lock up a starting spot, he will still at the very least rotate in and out with starters as well as return kicks and punts. Even if his role isn’t large in his rookie campaign, Velus Jones Jr. will make an impact for the Bears.

As far as it goes, the Bears wide receivers aren’t anything overly special for the most part, but the potential and the drive for these guys is off the charts. They know what everyone around the league thinks of them, and they are going to do their best to prove them wrong, but this team may be the kryptonite to these guys having successful seasons. If the Bears can use their weak schedule to their advantage, and maybe these guys can do big things, but as it stands right now, through injuries and depth issues, these wide receivers could be in for a long season, and so could the Chicago Bears.

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