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2022 AFC South: Who Truly Wants to Win?

The AFC South has been one of the more disappointing divisions in the NFL this season. With only the Houston Texans eliminated from contention, which remaining team can put it together in time to win the division?

Indianapolis Colts

It’s hard to believe that this team is still playoff eligible. But, to put it briefly, things have not looked good for the Colts. A fourth-quarter collapse against the Cowboys has some calling for a quarterback change. Matt Ryan has been named the starter, but don’t be surprised if Nick Foles finally gets a chance to lead the huddle down the stretch. 

#Colts QB1 Matt Ryan slinging it — James Boyd (@RomeovilleKid) December 13, 2022

Last Four Matchups:

  1. At Vikings

  2. Versus Chargers

  3. At Giants

  4. Versus Texans

The only game that can confidently be called a win is the final matchup against the Texans at home. If the Colts beat the Vikings, then they could muster up enough momentum to make things interesting down the stretch. But, after three straight losses, the odds of that happening seem low. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

Eighteen weeks is long, and many football players and coaches will tell you that sometimes it’s all about getting hot at the right time. Ask Eli Manning’s Super Bowl rings if you have any doubts. A lot is being made about how Lawrence played against the Titans’ defense, for a good reason. Completing 71% of his passes for 638 yards and three touchdowns is incredible in the most accurate definition of the word. To make matters worse for the Jaguars’ upcoming opponents, that was the fourth time in the last five games that Lawrence has completed at least 70% of his passes and the second game in the previous three where his Quarterback rating was over 120.

So you’re saying we can’t do better than 77 overall, @EAMaddenNFL? 🤔#ProBowlVote | @Trevorlawrencee — Jacksonville Jaguars (@Jaguars) December 13, 2022

Last Four Matchups

  1. Versus Cowboys

  2. At Jets

  3. At Texans

  4. Versus Titans

The Cowboys’ defense will make things tougher on Trevor. However, they are banged up in the defensive backfield and could be at a disadvantage this week. Jacksonville could realistically win three or four of these final games, setting them up for a shot at the AFC South crown, depending on what the Titans do.

Tennessee Titans

To be the man, you have to beat the man. Unfortunately for Titans fans, that’s exactly what the Jaguars did last week. After firing their general manager, many angry fans began to call for coach Mike Vrabel’s job on Monday morning. This is an overreaction. That being said, there is no denying that this team has underperformed. They’ll need to find a way to get some form of offensive rhythm going if they are going to right the ship in time for a playoff run.

Wow. Derrick Henry breaks loose for 50, and the Ryan Tannehill fits it in for the Tennessee #Titans score — Gabriel Schray (@schrayguy) December 11, 2022

Last Four Matchups

  1. At Chargers

  2. Versus Texans

  3. Versus Cowboys

  4. At Jaguars

Tennessee could win three or even four of these games in this stretch, but they could just as easily win one or two. Injuries to their defensive front are hitting them at the worst time. Denico Autry is still out, and Jeffrey Simmons isn’t 100 percent. Their defensive backfield will have their hands full against the Chargers next week. A home game against Houston could be just what Ryan Tannehill and the offense need. It’s also a trap game candidate, with the Cowboys looming in the distance.

Who Wins the AFC South?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to win the AFC South. All three teams are likely to lose this week. This eliminates the Colts, who only have a four-percent chance. The Jaguars will win their next two games, while Tennessee falls to the Cowboys after beating Houston. This puts the Jaguars in a position to control their destiny and bring home the AFC south crown.

Despite a year of below-average football from the division, how fitting; at least it will provide us with an exciting ending.


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