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2022-23 NBA Trade Rumors: Interesting Trades That Need To Happen

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The holiday season is just around the corner, and the NBA season is in full swing. While there is plenty of basketball left to play, some teams are already desperate for help on their rosters. The NBA has two trade deadlines of December 15th and January 15th, but it would not surprise me if teams were active before Christmas. So let’s not waste any more time and get into some trades that need to happen before the deadlines.

Jae Crowder Could Land With Another Contender

The Suns have been looking to move Crowder since last summer but have yet to find the right trade partner. Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Crowders’ old team, the Miami Heat, have both emerged as likely landing spots. The biggest concern is whether teams want to give up a solid player in exchange for Crowder.

The Bucks and Heat want to add a P.J. Tucker-type player to make an impact defensively and at the three-point line. The Bucks have draft picks to use as trade pieces and Grayson Allen. Allen has one year left on his contract, and the Bucks know they can get solid pieces in exchange for him.

However, the only way I see Crowder leaving at the right price is if he is swapped for a player with equal minutes on the floor and production overall. Miami would likely have to give up someone like Duncan Robinson, and I do not see that being a viable trade option. A trade to Milwaukee is the best option if Phoenix truly hopes to move on from Crowder.

Golden State Should Trade Draymond Green

Despite all the NBA titles and success, Green’s time in the Bay Area is limited. Green was already considered a big name to be entering free agency this summer if he declines his $27.6 million player option. Now that we are past “the punch” that shocked the NBA, the Warriors have more reasons to trade him away.

Green might not score 20 every night, but he provides veteran leadership on defense and finds teammates with his passing. If I were Golden State, get trade pieces for him rather than letting him walk in free agency and get nothing. Plenty of teams could use a veteran player like Green, and Golden State has to recognize that it is time to move on.

Some linked landing spots for Green are the LA Clippers, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Suns. Boston and Phoenix will be NBA title-caliber teams, so adding someone like Green could give them that missing link to winning a title. The Clippers are a talented team, but they too, need that last piece to get them over the hump. Therefore, the Clippers make the most sense, as they can get rid of a younger bench player or two and be just fine.

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Defending NBA Champions Beef Up Their Roster

If the Warriors do not move on from Draymond Green this season, they might move on from someone else. Jonathan Kuminga is simply not getting the minutes he needs to become a better player. The Warriors have solid depth, and Kuminga has yet to find a definitive role. A team that could provide a solid trade piece is the Detroit Pistons.

The trade piece I am speaking of is forward Saddiq Bey. Bey is a better player than Kuminga but lacks a bit on defense. The Warriors need “win now” talent, and Bey could provide that. Bey might not be shooting the lights out this season, but maybe a solid role for the Warriors would motivate him to be better overall.

The Warriors would obviously need plenty of convincing to move on from Kuminga, whom they liked enough to draft. A change of scenery might be best for Kuminga and Bey, and this trade makes a lot of sense on both sides. Bey costs less money for Golden State, and he has another year left, so Golden State gets him for cheap. If the Warriors are serious about contending this year, make this move.

Final Thoughts On NBA Trade Rumors

The deadlines are fast approaching, and teams need to make some moves. Contenders can beef up for another playoff run, and pretenders can help build their draft board. The NBA trade rumors might not be super hot right now, but give it time, and it will heat up. When teams as good as the Bucks and Suns are talking about trades, you know something big is bound to happen soon. Until then, keep an eye to the sky for that first trade.

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