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2022-23 National Football League Preview: AFC West

Which National Football League team is going to win the AFC West this season?

There is more parity than ever before in the National Football League and this season is full of it. There are so many different teams who could take home the Lombardi trophy this season and most of them play in the AFC. The NFC does have its contenders but it is pretty thin for the first time in a long time. Regardless of what happens. It is sure to be a season full of incredible plays and incredible moments all culminating in one winner being crowned as Super Bowl champions in 2023.

Division winners are always a hot topic before the season starts and much like the super bowl winner, some of these division winners are hard to pick as well. Especially in such a loaded AFC where 13 out of the 16 teams could potentially end up as a division winning playoff team. That is certainly what I’m most looking forward to watching this season how the teams in the AFC perform whereas the NFC is a little more cut and dry and you should know we expect to be the winners in that conference.

2022-23 National Football League Season Predictions-AFC

AFC West:

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos brought in Russell Wilson over the off-season as their huge signing but they have already lost one of his top receiving targets for the season. It certainly makes the hill to climb a little bit tougher for Russell and the Broncos and what is the deepest division in the national football league and that is why I have them finishing in fourth place of this division. I just don’t think they have the tools on offense to compete with three other loaded offenses like the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert returns as the starting quarterback and he is surrounded by weapons like Mike Williams and Keenan Allen as well as a dual-purpose threat at the running back position Austin Ekeler. On top of that the chargers made some major splashes over the off-season improving their defense and turning their defensive unit into a top-five defense in the national football league. I think it’ll be the Los Angeles Chargers that win the AFC West this season and make the playoffs after narrowly missing it last year. As I think this team is just way too talented on both sides of the football not to finish in first place of this division no matter how stacked it is.

Las Vegas Raiders

After the insane season, they had last year Derek car still managed to leave this team to the playoffs and I think he has all the tools to accomplish that feat again. Over the off-season they picked up cars best friend and former Fresno State teammate Davante Adams and now that they’ve added one of the best wide receivers in the national football league this offense is even more dangerous as items will line up beside Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller every week. On top of that, they also have Josh Jacobs in the backfield and I think that the offense will power this Las Vegas Raiders ball club to a second place finish in the division.

Kansas City Chiefs

Now, this may be controversial but I think the Kansas City Chiefs are going to finish in third place of the AFC West this season. As I look for them to have a difficult time replacing the production of Tyreek Hill even with the addition of Juju Smith Schuster from the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, they still have Travis Kelce but eventually, his magic is going to run out as he is no longer going to be able to get it open when guarded by two or now even three guys every play. Add that to an aging defense with a lot of struggles coming in from last season and I just think Kansas City’s gonna finish third in the division.

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