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2022-23 National Football League Preview: AFC South

What National Football League team is going to win the AFC South this season?

There is more parity than ever before in the National Football League and this season is full of it. There are so many different teams who could take home the Lombardi trophy this season and most of them play in the AFC. The NFC does have its contenders but it is pretty thin for the first time in a long time. Regardless of what happens. It is sure to be a season full of incredible plays and incredible moments all culminating in one winner being crowned as Super Bowl champions in 2023.

Division winners are always a hot topic before the season starts and much like the super bowl winner, some of these division winners are hard to pick as well. Especially in such a loaded AFC where 13 out of the 16 teams could potentially end up as a division-winning playoff team. That is certainly what I’m most looking forward to watching this season is how the teams in the AFC perform whereas the NFC is a little more cut and dry and you should know we expect to be the winners in that conference.

2022-23 National Football League Preview: AFC South

Tennessee Titans:

I think it’ll be the Tennessee Titans that repeat as AFC South champions. Despite all the quarterback questions surrounding Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis. I think the Titans have enough to get it done for a second straight year in a row. With how they performed after not having the best running back in the National Football League, Derrick Henry for the majority of the year last year and still ending up with the number one seed I think it’s clear that Tennessee is the best team in this division. 

Indianapolis Colts:

Just because I think the Titans will win the division doesn’t mean I’m counting out the Indianapolis Colts as a playoff team either. They made a big splash trade for Matt Ryan over the off-season and for the third year in a row, they will be bringing in a veteran QB to lead their team. Personally in my opinion I think Matt Ryan still has a few years left in the National Football League and he could easily lead this team to a wildcard spot as long as they can remain healthy and Jonathan Taylor can repeat his production from last season. 

Jacksonville Jaguars:

I think it’ll be the Jacksonville Jaguars and finish in third place in this division. Everyone seemingly keeps writing Jacksonville off but the truth is last year their problem was solely Urban Meyer. I really think Trevor Lawrence has the keys to being a solid National Football League quarterback and he will be getting his running mate Travis Etienne back with him in the backfield as well. They also added Christian Kirk which provides Lawrence with someone to throw the football to. James Robinson also returns as a guy who made some noise last season in Etienne’s absence from an ACL injury.

Houston Texans:

Finishing last in the division I think it’ll be the Houston Texans as they are a long way away from being a competitive football team. While the Deshaun Watson sega is over and the Davis Mills Era is entering year number two I still think they have some strides to make before they compete in this division.

Don’t get me wrong I think Davis Mills has all the tools to be a successful National Football League quarterback but it’s too soon to see any fruit bearing from the labor of that. While I could see the Texans being competitive in every game I just can’t see them pulling out enough winds to escape the basement this season in the AFC South and the National Football League.

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