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2022-23 National Football League Preview: AFC East

Which National Football League team is going to win the AFC East this season?

There is more parity than ever before in the National Football League and this season is full of it. There are so many different teams who could take home the Lombardi trophy this season and most of them play in the AFC. The NFC does have its contenders but it is pretty thin for the first time in a long time. Regardless of what happens. It is sure to be a season full of incredible plays and incredible moments all culminating in one winner being crowned as Super Bowl champions in 2023.

Division winners are always a hot topic before the season starts and much like the super bowl winner, some of these division winners are hard to pick as well. Especially in such a loaded AFC where 13 out of the 16 teams could potentially end up as a division-winning playoff team. That is certainly what I’m most looking forward to watching this season is how the teams in the AFC perform whereas the NFC is a little more cut and dry and you should know we expect to be the winners in that conference.

2022-23 National Football League Preview: AFC East

Buffalo Bills:

The Buffalo Bills are the clear favorites in the AFC East this season as they were only 13 seconds away from making it to the Super Bowl last year. The Bills are led by Josh Allen and he is a top-five quarterback in the National Football League they also have one of the best QB wide receiver combos as well as Stefon Diggs. Personally, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that the Bills are going to run away with this division and probably end up being the best team in all of the National Football League as well. 

Miami Dolphins:

Earlier in the year if you would’ve asked me this question I would’ve had the New York Jets finishing in second place in this division but because of Zach Wilson’s injury that changes. I now have the Miami Dolphins finishing second as they made a big splash in the off-season by bringing in Tyreek Hill for Tua to throw the football to. The Dolphins are a solid team who really don’t get enough credit and they are a very hard team to beat at Hard Rock Stadium which solidifies this prediction even more. 

New York Jets:

In third place, I have the previously New York Jets as I think Zach Wilson will return in time to still make an impact on this season and push the jets to a third place finish. They certainly added some nice pieces during the draft during free agency and if Michael Carter can find a boost again and improve on his already solid production from last year the Jets could be a dangerous threat in the AFC East. However, I still think they are a couple of years and a couple of pieces away from a playoff appearance in the National Football League . 

New England Patriots:

This may be controversial Sam but I have the New England Patriots finishing in last place. I have never really been a Mac Jones believer and I think last year was nothing more than a fluke and I believe that was also exposed in their playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. While I’ll give credit where credit is due Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches to ever live but I don’t even think he can fix this current New England Patriots roster into a team worthy of a division title or playoff appearance in the National Football League.

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