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2022-23 College Football Playoff Eliminator Post Week One

Does your team have a realistic shot at making the 2022-23 college football playoff?

The 2022-23 college football season is now underway and even after week zero there are a couple of teams that have already had their 2022-23 college football playoff hopes dashed. Every single week is going to feel like a must win situation for the majority of the group of five teams, while most power five teams cannot afford more than one or two losses at the most before they are officially eliminated from college football playoff contention. Heading into the season there were over 130 teams who had their sights set on making a miracle playoff run. Now we are down to less then 120 teams who still have a realistic shot at making the 2022-23 college football playoff this season.

The first week of the college football season certainly featured some interesting games, like an absolute thriller between

In total, six teams were knocked out of the college football playoff hunt in week zero as, Hawaii, UTEP, New Mexico State, Charlotte, UConn, and Wyoming lost to open the season and the unlikelihood of a one loss group of five team making the playoff is near impossible. Looking ahead to week number one of the season, it provides plenty of opportunities for teams to grab some solid ground in the race for the 2022-23 college football playoff. As Ohio State takes on Notre Dame, Oregon faces the defending national champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, Cincinnati plays Arkansas, Utah plays Florida, and Florida State faces LSU.

While a loss wouldn’t necessarily knock any of those teams out from the major games in week one I would certainly put them in a hole especially someone like Cincinnati or Notre Dame who either don’t have the schedule or the conference championship game to regain some ground after a loss so early in the season.

Regardless of the results during some of the week one games, it is certain that a number of group of five teams will likely be knocked out of contention as they are usually all out of the running by week four or week five of the college football season. As it mostly would take them going 13 and zero to make a college football playoff appearance, much like Cincinnati last season.

Week One College Football Results

Week one was an insane week as several teams were knocked out of playoff contention, mostly from the group of five conferences. As seven of the eleven teams in the American Athletic Conference were knocked out of playoff contention. While seven of the fourteen sunbelt teams were also knocked out of playoff contention as well.

None of the power five schools suffered a defeat to knock them out of contention but a few of them had their playoff hopes hampered as Utah lost to Florida, Notre Dame lost to Ohio State and Oregon was crushed by the defending National Champions the Georgia Bulldogs. Elsewhere around the country in some marquee games, the North Carolina Tar Heels won a thriller against App State and Arkansas outlasted a tough Cincinnati Bearcats team to get a huge top twenty five to open up the season.

On Sunday evening the brand new Brian Kelly led LSU Tigers lost on a blocked extra point which gave Florida State a massive win to open up the season as well. Pitt also outlasted Virginia on Thursday in an epic renewal of the Backyard Brawl that went down to the final seconds. In total over twenty more teams found their way out of playoff contention. But major schools like Notre Dame and Oregon remain even with a crushing loss to open up the year.

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