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2017 Receptions Leader Coming To The Patriots Could’ve Been A Great Team-Altering Move

Despite having an injury-riddled season, it’s shocking to see the 2017 receptions leader Jarvis Landry taken by the Saints instead of New England.

Why It Would’ve Been Great To See Jarvis Landry In A Patriots Uniform?

The Patriots, who are on the lower side of the league in Receiving core strength, could’ve used another strong receiver to boost their playoff run and offer additional help for Mac Jones on the field.

Jarvis is one of the most surprising receivers to take so long to be signed, with other receivers like Christian Kirk, Juju Smith-Schuster, and D.J. Chark all either getting traded or signed to teams immediately.

It would’ve been the perfect time for the patriots to scoop in and surprise the league with this pickup.

Could Mac Jones and Jarvis Landry Have Helped Each other?

Although Landry’s receptions have declined in recent years, it’s hard to overlook that Baker Mayfield hasn’t really helped his stats. In the past three seasons, Baker has had a 60.2% completion rate, averaged around 3466 yards a season, and averaged 21 touchdowns a year with 14 turnovers.

In Mac Jones’ first year, he ended up finishing the season with a 67% completion rate, 3801 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 13 turnovers. In his rookie season with a receiving core without a true top target (Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor), he ended up putting on a show for patriots fans.

However, getting Mac the help he needs would’ve further boosted his chances of success. The patriots spent a good chunk of the draft picking up linemen to protect Mac, now they must find weapons for him.

Jarvis Landry and His Offensive Boost

Although Landry did have an off-year due to his injury, finishing the season with 52 receptions, 570 yards, and two touchdowns in 12 games with the browns. The Patriots’ main receiver, Jakobi Meyers, played a full season and barely surpassed these stats (83 receptions, 866 yards, and two touchdowns).

Overlooking last year’s season, Jarvis Landry made a good career for himself. In his four years in Miami, he had 400 receptions, 4038 yards, averaged 10.1 yards a catch, and 22 touchdowns.

In his four years in Cleveland, he had 288 receptions with 3560 yards, averaging 12.4 yards per catch and 15 touchdowns (three of these seasons being Wide Receiver two, behind Odell Beckham Jr).

Jarvis Landry could’ve been a huge boost to a lackluster Patriots offense, that got blown out in the Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills 47-17. Patriots having a top-five defense in the league would need some offensive help to fight back in the playoffs.

Former Miami Receivers Could’ve Reunited.

With the newest pickup from the patriots, Devante Parker could assist Mac Jones it may not be enough. It is worth noting that Jarvis and Devante did play together on the Miami Dolphins with Ryan Tannehill. In 2017, Landry had 112 receptions (leading the league), 987 yards, and nine touchdowns. Parker ended up having 57 receptions, 670 yards, and one touchdown.

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Jarvis Landry 2017 Highlights

Although not amazing, these two receivers have played with each other before, making the chemistry between them increase. Also, Devante Parker will have a bigger role on the team since he won’t be fighting many receivers for the top spot like he was in Miami (Will Fuller, Jaylen Waddle, and Tyreek Hill).

What will also help is having both receivers as different options for Mac Jones. Jarvis is one of the best slot receivers in the league, something the patriots were missing with the departure of Julian Edelman. Jarvis would be a great target for short receptions, whereas Davante Parker is a deep threat for the patriots. That duo could’ve been dangerous for opposing defenses and given Mac more room to succeed.

Would Belichick Had Gotten Along With Landry?

In terms of the team, Jarvis is on the cheaper side of receivers. His contract usually averaged around 15 million a year. Considering the patriots pay Bourne 5 million and Agholor 11 million, it would be smart to either cut them or maybe trade them for some prospects or picks.

It also would go to mention that Jarvis is a hard-working conceited and focused receiver, which is the type of player Belichick enjoys. Belichick tries to steer away from players who may cause drama in the media (such as Odell Beckham jr or Richard Sherman), and Jarvis Landry has no clash with the media.

Many teams are afraid of the risk behind Jarvis Landry since he’s very injury-prone (the same reason Julio Jones hasn’t been signed yet). However, If Belichick sees this as an issue, a short-term contract could’ve been negotiated for one to two years to see his performance.


Many NFL fans complained how Baker Mayfield was wasting talented receivers’ careers, and Jarvis Landry was one of them. Bringing him on to The Patriots could’ve awakened something in him, perhaps having one of the best reception seasons of his career.

Having this offense could’ve allowed Belichick to fight back against a strong Miami and Buffalo offense. With young Mac Jones as our quarterback, powerful Damien Harris as the running back is a good start. However, having Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker, and Jakobi Meyers as the receiving core would’ve pushed Mac to throw a lot better.

Not to mention, Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith can be great blockers or alternative targets. The disappointing part of it is patriots didn’t have anything to lose by signing Landry, so it wouldn’t have hurt to give him a shot. Hopefully, New England fans will get to see another receiver such as Julio or Robby Anderson in red, white, and blue this season!

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